Things You Can Expect From Your Upcoming MRI Test

Many newly emerged medical tests are used to diagnose diseases, while some classic ones have been there for years. Magnetic resonance imaging is one of them. Better known as MRI is used for various types of diagnosis today.
MRI utilizes a large magnet and radio waves for taking a look at the organs and structures within your body.

Professionals from the MRI center in Gurgaon use MRI scans to diagnose a wide range of conditions from the torn ligaments to even tumors. MRIs are quite useful for testing the spinal cord and brains. It is also used for detecting multiple sclerosis, developmental anomalies, infection, stroke, dementia, and the cause of headache.

How does the MRI test work?

Though you do not need to know about the test procedure, as a new patient, you always have the right to do that. MRI uses a strong magnetic field, computer, and radio waves for producing highly detailed images from within your body. It might be used for helping diagnose or monitor treatment for a wide range of health criteria within the abdomen, pelvis, or chest.

What do you need to know about the cost of MRI tests?

Similar to all of the medical processes, the cost of having an MRI performed varies significantly. However, you can always get an average idea about the MRI scan cost in Gurgaon by determining the exact type of text you are looking for and on which body part shall it be performed. So, now you are aware of the basics of MRI as a newbie, here are some of the things you can expect during your MRI test.

  • The procedure’s duration will vary, but the average is 45 minutes to one hour per body part.
  • The duration of the process shall differ, but you can expect the average time to be about 45 minutes that is an hour for every body part.
  • You will need to lie still when your MRI is going on. It is being examined based on the body part you might be instructed on holding on your breath for about thirty seconds.
  • Also, you will need to know that the magnet is open on both ends. It is properly lit, and there is also a fan available for the comfort of the patient. There is also both way intercom system for the interaction between the technologist and the patient. The body part that is scanned should be placed between the middle of this magnet.
  • During the imaging, you must hear a loud banging kind of noise. You shall be provided with headphones and earplugs to minimize the noise during this procedure.
  • The technologist shall also offer you an alarm facility for alerting the technologist regarding any discomfort or issue you might experience at almost any time during the scan

You can look up specifications like MRI brain cost in Gurgaon and other information about this test easily online on the test centers’ official websites.

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