Know Essential Things About MRI Scans

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and it makes use of radio waves to create a perfect graph of the body’s inner anatomy. The scanner used for MRI scan is like a long tube or a cylinder inside which the patient will lie down. It is the same as an X-ray machine.

Having an MRI scan will not hurt you. For best results, you should always choose a reputed center to get it done. Things to remember about MRI are; you have to control your breathing so that the machine can take a clear image of the area. Not only that, but the scanner also makes a sound while taking pictures and is very much similar to a CT scan.

If there is any damage to your spinal cord, your doctor might recommend an MRI Spinal cord. In case of any emergency, no matter the MRI LS Spine cost in Gurgaon a person has to do it to easily identify issues.

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How vital is an MRI scan, and can everybody do an MRI scan done?

MRI scan is suggested by a doctor when someone has suffered an accident that leads to bone injury, muscular tissues, or soft tissue problems. But many of us are uncertain of when and why one should get an MRI scan?

The scan produces a high magnetic field for which the presence of any ferromagnets is positively prevented. Severe accidents can take place inside the scanning room if all necessary precautions are not accepted. For instance, if you are thinking about MRI Brain in Gurgaon, then here are certain conditions under which you are not recommended for the scan:

  • If you have any metallic or alien object like a permanent piercing in your body or any rods or nails fitted at the time of surgery.
  • If you had any surgery a few weeks before.
  • Suppose you are pregnant and in the middle of your trimester. Even if MRI does not make use of any ionizing radiation that can cause harm to the fetus, it is still not recommended to go for this scan when pregnant.
  • If you have a pacemaker fitted in your body.
  • If you have undergone cochlear transplantation done.

When will a doctor recommend an MRI?

As we all know, MRI offers you a picture of high clarity of your bones, muscles, and any inconsistencies present within them. Thus, it is useful for easy diagnosis of all kinds of medical issues. For example, if anyone is suffering from brain tumors or has to detect any anomaly in the brain, your doctor might recommend an MRI Brain in Gurgaon.

It can easily find out the tumor’s exact location and map the growth or the reduction of cancer. Also, at the time of surgery, it can quickly help in prohibiting any unrequired complications. Moreover, as it gives a very close look at the body, any tissue damage can easily be spotted with MRI.

MRI brain cost in Gurgaon can be based upon the body part that is getting scanned. It also depends on which city and the amount of the town the test is being done. Some other expenses that add to the overall cost are the number of technicians and the equipment required to process the image.

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